Blood Alloy has been in development since the summer of 2013. It was first introduced to the world by a Kickstarter – one that failed! But because initial momentum was so promising, we took the project back to the workshop and set ourselves to work. We gathered and listened to every bit of feedback we could, because we knew we had SOMETHING on our hands – we just had to polish it.

And polish it we did. Blood Alloy is now hitting Steam, Xbox One, Wii U, and PSN in late 2015 – as Blood Alloy: Reborn. The team – former employees of Harmonix Music Systems, composed of students, and fellow independent games developers – has been working for the past two years almost solely on the combat systems, making sure that every moment of gameplay is fast and fun.

While Blood Alloy was originally conceived as a full fledged Metroidvania, we wanted to release Blood Alloy: Reborn as a score chaser to introduce our fans to the game’s world, expose new players to our combat mechanics, and gather feedback about every aspect of gameplay that we can. We’ve entertained the idea of doing another Kickstarter, but at this point, we’d like to avoid it if at all possible. Any revenue accrued from Blood Alloy: Reborn will be funneled directly into development of the full fledged Metroidvania.


– Crazy-fast action gameplay with swords, jetpacks, and guns

– Work out your frustration with absentee robo-dads by murdering ten different mechanical enemy types

– Gain experience points and feel intense satisfaction as level bars fill up

– Unlock new weapon loadouts, new levels to fight in, and new songs on the soundtrack

– Glorious pixel art animations and thorough cyberpunkery
– Heart-pumping, techno and 80’s-synth driven soundtrack

– Infinite replayability